Historical Murals

Historical Murals

This page describes murals that were completed some time in the past.

Kidman Mural outside Post Office

There were already two very popular mural sites in the town, both of which were community initiatives some 20 years ago – an ‘L’ shaped mural adjacent to the Post Office garden, acting as a backdrop to the bust of Sir Sidney Kidman. The mural expresses Sir Sidney’s contributions to Kapunda.

It was necessary, for the development of the Town Square, to remove part of the Kidman mural. A new wall was subsequently erected in the same position allowing that part of the mural to be reaffixed, with only some minor patching and painting necessary.

Mural on side of IGA (now demolished)

A composite mural erected on the IGA store wall facing Crase St. recognised many facets of the area’s history, including its Celtic traditions. The building on which it was placed was demolished in 2018 to make way for the new Town Square and the mural pieces put in storage for future relocation.

On close inspection of the pieces it was realized that the large majority of pieces were not in good enough condition to relocate and a decision was made by the Mural Town Committee that those pieces would be re-cut and re-painted (as near to the originals as possible) before reinstallation in a suitable new location. Help from the Kapunda Shed was sought and Light Regional Council put aside $5,000 for restoration. After much work by local artists, much of the content has been included in an updated mural which has been placed behind the Library / Visitor Information Building. You can see full details on the new mural on the Recent Murals page.