Town History Mural is progressing

The Town Mural ‘re-creation’ is moving along nicely.

KCG volunteer and artist Tony Hersey is doing this section (and other parts) of the mural. Tony also did the Military Mural near the memorial in Main St.

The Rawady brothers ran a deli opposite the Post Office for many years and were significant identities in the town.

The Hawke Foundry were particularly noted for their lacework, weighbridges and other items that you can see in the museum in Hill St.

The Celtic Festival until its recent demise, was a highlight of the year in Kapunda. This picture shows a street parade coming down Main St, with the North Kapunda hotel on the right (the dark building), and then the single story IGA and butcher’s shop closer to the viewer. This latter building has now been demolished to provide space for the Town Square. The Post Office has also been replaced.